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Former Glenville star, OSU QB Cardale Jones tweets "classes are pointless"

Former Glenville star, OSU QB Cardale Jones tweets "classes are pointless" Former Glenville star, OSU QB Cardale Jones tweets "classes are pointless"

From Deadspin, Ohio State true freshman and third-string quarterback Cardale Jones used his Twitter account Friday morning to tell the world exactly what he thought about having to attend classes on what's no doubt a beautiful fall Friday on campus:

@Cardale10: Why should we have to go to class if we came here to play FOOTBALL, we ain't come here to play SCHOOL, classes are POINTLESS

Jones will not be appearing in Urban Meyer's next attempt to sell his football program's commitment to academics, we're guessing. Jones, who attended Fork Union Military Academy for a year after initially signing with Ohio State in spring 2011, has since deleted his Twitter account.

There's an argument to be made that Jones' tweet is simply the normal frustration with class experienced by the normal college freshman on a Friday morning -- particularly one who, it's true, is having those classes paid for by a rather pivotal extracurricular activity.

But few students, as much as they despise their classes, would label them "POINTLESS" when a college education makes for a rather important point. Clearly, Jones sees himself as a football player first, second, and third and a student ... well, he doesn't see himself as a student at all, much less fourth. Not only does that fly in the face of everything the NCAA (and the Buckeye athletic department) would tell us about its student-athletes, but it's a sizable slap in the face to the teachers and tutors putting in an effort to edcuate him, to say nothing of the pile of money being spent to place him in those "POINTLESS" classes.

It's true that Jones' tweet is a spur-of-the-moment freshman mistake more than anything, and it's true that he's only expressing the point-of-view of tons and tons -- if not a majority, we'd guess -- of fellow major college football players. Any kind of punishment beyond the run-of-the-mill extra practice steps seems excessive.

But neither of those things make the truth of his tweet any less ugly for those who would like to champion college football as something other than the NFL's minor leagues.

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