Browns fans bumming again

It was a stunning start for the Browns playing the defending Super Bowl champions. Before the New York Giants knew what hit them, the Browns had run out to a fourteen-zip lead.

Browns fans, like Toni Hare, thought this was their day,"I was real excited when they started in the out so strong but as time went on it was so defeating to see what they did."

And what they did was implode.  The Browns turned the ball over twice, committed critical penalties and the Giants scored a quick seventeen points and the Browns were toast again. It's the same old story.  Browns fan Demtrius Tucker says he's not surprised, "We've been at the bottom since 1999 so I'm used to it. I have one saving grace, Ohio State football."

He's right, with the Buckeyes, you can enjoy the game with the expectation they'll win most times out. That's not exactly the case for the Browns.  "It's always next year, next week, when is it going to change," asked fan Zachary Turner.

The Browns will be at the stadium this Sunday facing the Cincinnati Bengals. The Bengals  beat the Browns earlier this season and as the losing continues Browns fans like Scott Mason are wondering if they will win a game all season, "I don't see a game on the schedule I'm confident they can win. Zero and sixteen, it hurts to think about it, but it's possible."

It can't really get that bad, can it?

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