Driver beware: Ban on handheld devices while driving getting closer

If you're driving through Cleveland, here's a head's up because the city is getting closer to a big cell phone crackdown.

"We want to broaden it to say you can not use cell phones, handheld cell phones while driving," said Councilman Zack Reed.

So those of  you who like to drive and talk better be aware, members of Cleveland City Council are talking about banning the use of hand held devices while you zoom up and down the street.

Ten other local cities followed Cleveland's lead and banned texting, holding a cell phone while driving seems not far behind.

Reed says it's a safety issue in Cleveland.

The public will have its say before the council moves ahead to ban talking on a handheld phone while driving.

Around the country, 80% of people agree that talking on a handheld phone while driving in dangerous.  Drivers are four times more likely to have a crash while holding their cell phone and talking.

Council is pushing to have the ban take when the new state-wide ban on texting behind the wheel goes into effect in March 2013.

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