Lorain family has message for thieves who stole decorations

Lorain family has message for thieves who stole decorations

LORAIN, OH (WOIO) - A Lorain family upset, they were all spooked out for the holiday, then a real life monster swiped some of their decorations.

"The dog barked but he's always barking and sometimes I get up sometimes I don't. This time I didn't," Robert Gillispie told us.

Gillispie didn't listen to the warning of his best friend, and now of course he is not happy that a thief ventured onto his property and stole some of his most prized Halloween decorations.

"They took the head over here. I've already replaced them but they took the head here, the head here. They took a skeleton here. They took a skeleton there. They took all the spiders that were over here," he showed us.

The Gillispie family started the tradition of going all out decoration for Halloween to cheer themselves up when he and his wife got sick, "My wife had ovarian cancer, stage three and she more or less going to die. At the same time I have factor 5."

The inside is just as decked out, every room filled with morbid trappings of the dead and other scary stuff.

"In the garage we set up an electric chair and it scares the devil out of all the kids. Kids actually run out of here dropping their candy."

Gillispie's daughter, who helped him decorate, is not happy about the Grinch who stole about $400 worth of their display, so she made a sign to make it crystal clear how they feel about being ripped off.