Cute Halloween costumes and safety tips for kids

Cute Halloween costumes and safety tips for kids

NORTH OLMSTED, OH (WOIO) - 19 Action News is helping you pick out a cute and safe Halloween costume for your kids.

Four year old Natalie Lisowski is doing a little Halloween shopping, in search of a cute costume.  She says she wants to be a butterfly. "Because I love butterflies."

"That's very cute mom." 8-year-old Miarah Wainwright came shopping with an open mind.  She says she asked herself "What should I be mm? Should I be a princess, a monster, a bride?" She decided to go with a zebra cutie costume.

At Spirit Halloween in the Great Northern Mall, employees tell us the top cute costumes for girls are just about anything princess, the "Adventure Time" characters are big sellers, and the dead cheerleader look.

For boys, it's all about ninjas, the military delta force, and super heroes.  Tyler Vance is Hawk Eye. "This was my favorite character from the Avengers."

Finding a cute costume also means being cautious.  Parent Talethia Wainwright says " You don't want her face covered so it's more visible, so she can see and definitely color for safety purposes."

If your child wears a mask make sure he or she can breathe easily in it. Also make sure the costume isn't too long, to prevent tripping.

Once you have that costume picked out, Natalie says "you go trick or treating and then you get candy."

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