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Bad behavior at Browns games

Browns Stadium Browns Stadium

19 Action News has discovered an increase in arrests for bad behavior at Cleveland Browns games.

We requested police stats to see if police are cracking down on fans after a fight was caught on cell phone video during the Buffalo Bills game Sept. 30.

Last season, there were 42 arrests in or within 500 ft. of Browns stadium. Already this season, there have been 34 arrests. Most of the busts have been for being drunk and disorderly conduct. 

As for other crimes like assaults or thefts or fighting with police, there were 14 last season and 12 so far this year.

What isn't clear: are Browns fans rowdier or is security cracking down more? The Browns say the amount of security is "consistent" with years past. Meantime, the NFL has made controlling any bad fan behavior a priority league wide.

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