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Job seeker robbed after answering Craigslist ad

Dennis Hostacky Dennis Hostacky

A disabled man responding to an ad for work on Craigslist was attacked in Cleveland.

Jerry Hempel often begins a lot of days peddling his bike to look for work. Recently, he took his search for work online.

"I answered an ad on Craigslist that was posted Sunday, October 7, under labor gigs," Hempel said. "$50 cash, paid daily and a bonus for working six days straight."

What Hempel thought was a promising lead was just the opposite the next morning. He met with the ad poster and other people responding. The job was passing out fliers door to door on the city's west side. The guys he was paired up with then turned on him.

"I was robbed at gunpoint inside of a van. I had over $200 and a Smart phone that I'm out now that had all my contacts in."

Cleveland police got to work quickly and traced the crime to Dennis Hostacky, a guy who's spent years locked up on more than a dozen criminal cases. They found him, but not Hempel's cell phone and that makes looking for work even more difficult.

"They asked me to do a background check, but why didn't they do a background check on him," Hempel said.

Police and Hempel agree there is no blaming the guy who placed the Craigslist ad, but want everyone to be warned of the dangers you could run into by responding.

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