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Local students get political lesson

Magnificat High School Magnificat High School

Magnificat High School students took to the polls Thursday for a mock election. 

The vote wrapped up a three-day program that will hopefully encourage the students to get involved in the political process.  According to the Cuyahoga County League of Women voters, young people, ages 18-24, are under represented because of low voter registration rates. 

Mary Lou Jones, the Co-President of the Cuyahoga County League of Women Voters, hopes this program will push young people to register. "They have a busy life. They have school, college and this generates a lot of interest for being a citizen," she said.  

Students at Magnificat, Cleveland Heights High, Shaw High and St Edward High where taken through a three-day voter process.  They registered to vote, they were able to ask questions at a candidates forum, right up to the point where they walked into a voting booth on Thursday and made their selection. The forum at Magnificat featured two candidates running for Cuyahoga County Council.  

"The questions the girls came up with I think impressed the two candidates on the panel and showed what they are interested in. They asked about education and the environment," said Magnificat Dean Marilyn Arundel.

The election was run by volunteer precinct workers from the County Board of Elections. Students cast their votes for County Council, the United States Senate race in Ohio and for President. 

"It's great that we're learning now because we'll know more about our country and situations around the world. It was a great experience," said Magnificat student Jillian Hollis.

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