Health Watch: Free Diabetes screenings

Health Watch: Free Diabetes screenings
Diabetes screenings
Diabetes screenings

Free screenings were held in Cleveland Thursday to combat a growing medical condition: Diabetes.

There was a Wellness Fair in downtown to help those of us at risk of developing diabetes.  Diabetes in Cleveland far exceeds the rest of the nation.

"My numbers actually came out pretty good.  It's free," said Frank Kopin.

Frank Kopin is a happy camper.  He was diagnosed with diabetes three years ago.  So today, when he saw that Rite Aid, which is celebrating its 50th Anniversary, and the Diabetes Partnership were screening people on public square he was all in.

"My doctor says it's like little pieces of glass going through your blood, if you have sugar.  That's the way he described it to me and that got my attention," said Frank Kopin.

Staying on top your glucose level with a simple finger stick can be life-saving, especially in Cleveland which has a much higher rate of diabetes than the national average -- one in eight have diabetes.

There's no reason not to get tested.  It's quick, near painless and it was free.  Every reason to know what your blood sugar level is if you want to live a longer healthier life.

But unfortunately, that's not the case for a growing number of children.  They have a ticking time bomb in their bodies just waiting to go off.

If children are overweight early then the diabetes is much more likely that it's going to set in at an earlier age than it would normally.  So lots of exercise for kids and proper diet for everybody.

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