Duel in Danville, Bus Beating, Cereal Recall

Duel in Danville, Bus Beating, Cereal Recall

Good evening, I'm Romona Robinson from the 19 Action newsroom.

Here are some of the stories we're working on tonight at 11.

It is a fiery and feisty Vice Presidential debate! David Wittman is watching it all and will breakdown the sparring.

Breaking news on a disturbing video showing a Cleveland bus driver decking a girl. We'll show you what happened and have more on the investigation.

A pizza delivery driver "fired" after criticizing Ohio State's defense to a coach's wife. We're tracking the buckeye backlash!

A major recall involving a popular breakfast cereal. What you need to know before pouring your next bowl.

I hope you're enjoying your evening and you'll join Denise and me tonight at 11.