Witness relives the RTA attack that went viral

Witness relives the RTA attack that went viral

Her name is Darriel McClain and she was on the bus in September when an RTA driver hit passenger.

"She was in the wrong but so was he," says McClain.

In fact you can see McClain in the video trying to get in the middle of the altercation because she use to work with the 25-year-old Shidea Lane.

But McClain says she knew at the bus stop there was going to be a problem.

"She came up to me ran gave me a hug and talked to her for a little minute. at the time I realized she was drunk," says McClain.

She also says Lane commonly got on a bus and would tell the driver she lost her bag so that she wouldn't have pay.

In the video bus driver Artis Hughes demanded that she pay or get off, and that upset Lane.

"He told her to get behind the yellow line or he was going to slam his foot on the break and she was going to fall into the door and then she was like I'll spit in your face you ain't going to do sh*%," according to McClain.

That apparently set off this bus driver of 22-years.

McClain recalls Hughes came back with, "If you spit on my face I'll beat you like the nig**r you think you is.  And they were going back and forth and he was like spit on me, spit on me."

"I did see her hit him and then she did step back and I guess she spit on him," McClain continues.

That's when we see Hughes put the bus in park, and what he claims in the report...protect himself.

"Even though she is drunk that's not how you handle situations like that. you work for the public," says McClain.  "I hate it because it never should have gotten as far as it did and I feel like every time Cleveland is portrayed, especially nationally, it's always negative and not everybody is like that."

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