2012: Nuns on the campaign trail

2012: Nuns on the campaign trail

It's the tour you don't have to buy a ticket for.  "Nuns on the Bus" is taking Ohio by storm - or at least that's what they are praying for.

"We get a lot of looks.  People do look and go, oh, what's this?" says Sister Monica McGloin of Cincinnati.

Nuns from all over the state of Ohio are stumping for the people they've dedicated their lives to.

"We really think the poor and vulnerable have been left out of the conversation," says Sister Mary Wendeln of Dayton.

But don't think for a second you're going to hear an endorsement of either candidate - President Barack Obama or Mitt Romney.  The nuns on the bus won't tell you who to vote for, but they do want to drive home a point about remembering the poor when you vote.

"The cuts that are going to be made by any Congressional budget are going to hurt the poor. There may be another way of doing this," emphasized Wendeln.

The nuns say you should look to what's called "The Faithful Budget," for guidance.

"There's a budget put together by Christians, Jews and Muslims, and it does contain the principle - not dollars and cents, but principles of a good budget," said Wendeln.

And from that you're supposed to decide who the best candidate will be. The next stop along the tour - Youngstown. When all is said and done the nuns will have traveled one thousand miles.

"I think we're making a difference. It's a seed difference like we've been doing our whole lives. None of us can do this by ourselves. We can only do it with other people," said Wendeln.

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