Trial continues for teen accused in Craigslist killings

Trial continues for teen accused in Craigslist killings

AKRON, OH (WOIO) - The trial resumed today for the so-called Craigslist killings.  The case against suspect Brogan Rafferty is all about what he knew and when.

More and more often we are seeing a computer used as a criminal tool. Consumer rip offs, sex crimes, kiddie porn. But this case a sister of one of the victim's used it as a crime solving tool.

"He uh told me he found on Craigslist a job listing," said Debra Bruce, a sister of David Pauley.

She didn't want to be filmed in court today, but who can blame her after what she's been through.

She told the courtroom how her brother was excited, then suddenly as he got close to the farm he was to have a job taking care of a man named "Jack" she heard no more.

"At that point I was uneasy. David was a creature of habit and if he said he was going to call or text he would," she recalled.

From her home in Massachusetts, she got busy calling police agencies to no avail.  Then on the Internet she found an online version of a newspaper story about how a man was lured to a Southern Ohio farm for a job and shot.

"The article that I read on line matched the details of what David had given me about the job. How did you feel at this point. Scared."

Rafferty sat emotionless as she opened a bag and identified her brother's belongings.  His briefcase, a necklace, cross and ID papers.  There is no doubt Rafferty was there when David Pauley was killed.  The jury's job is to decide if he was intimidated into being there by Richard Beasley, the man Pauley had known as Jack.

The trial is expected to last for a couple of weeks.

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