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Cars that drive you

Self-driving cars Self-driving cars

Self-driving cars, or autonomous vehicles, are already on the road. Google has about a dozen.

They can literally sense what's around them and what obstacles lie ahead. 

You won't be able to buy one anytime soon though, it'd be too expensive for one thing.

But some technology is already on board newer cars, like adaptive cruise control which can bring a car to a complete stop as well as start the car when traffic gets moving again.  You can literally be in stop-and-go traffic and not put your feet on the pedals.

There are lane departure warnings that auto correct when you veer outside the lines and headlights that adapt to changing weather conditions.  And new blind spot technology that warn you if a car is too close for a move you are about to make.

However, some complain that all this high tech help will put drivers at a disadvantage, making them a little too relaxed and less vigilant behind the wheel.

Some automakers are now working on creating cars that will take over the wheel in an emergency.  There are still many obstacles on the road to self-driving cars and autonomous features, many of which would require laws to be drawn up to deal with things like who might be at fault if an accident did happen in a self-driving car.


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