Are politics on social network going too far?

Are politics on social network going too far?

LAKEWOOD, OH (WOIO) - If you use social networking, you know it's gotten really ugly for this year's presidential race.

Maria Bohanner from Lakewood says, "It's gotten vulgar. It's gotten hurtful and I think it will incite people to take the action".

Folks at the Root Cafe in Lakewood agree it has taken a turn for the worse. But, the internet does give people a platform for their beliefs.

Adam Shea uses facebook for all his politics but, "I have de-friended people who have digressed. You know, beyond the point of civil discourse."

Barista Brandon Gregg can compare it to a good cappuccino. Sometimes the coffee beans can be bitter, but add a little bit of cream and it softens the taste.

You can use the same concept with facebook and politics, and your facebook friends who overstep the line. "I leave them on there." He says, "they are still friends of mine. I try to persuade them to think in a more positive way".

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