Small businesses focus on Campaign 2012

Small businesses focus on Campaign 2012

STRONGSVILLE, OH (WOIO) - Small business employees are telling 19 Action News what they are looking for from the candidates.

Chris Hatton is a music teacher at "The School of Rock," a small business that just opened in Strongsville.  Playing is his passion, and when it comes to politics he says he's letting the candidates play things out but he wants someone who can help the little guys.  "You want somebody who supports small business who puts policies in place that helps small businesses thrive.  As an employee of a small business maybe I can get some healthcare going," said Chris Hatton.

Richard Baratko is taking guitar lessons.  The student says he's looking for someone to keep business here at home.  "I feel like we don't manufacture things here anymore as much as we use to and we need to get that back to be a strong country," said Richard Baratko.

Music Director Tommy Rich tells us he wants the truth.  Resolving healthcare is a the top of his list.  "Whether its Obamacare or whatever Romney's plan is but, they have to finally settle this thing and make it clear,"  said Tommy Rich.

One things clear, this election has plenty of people taking notes, and listening to what the candidates have to say to win their vote.

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