Editorial: A new day for Browns

WOIO Editorial: New day for the Browns

(WOIO) - Has there ever been any NFL franchise anywhere more beleaguered than the Cleveland Browns over the last decade?  And now after years of turmoil and failure comes a new chapter.  What will it bring as truck stop billionaire Jimmy Haslam takes over the team?

The NFL approved Haslam's purchase of the team this week and within hours he showed Mike Holmgren the door and then introduced a football executive from Philadelphia as the new CEO of the team.  So far Haslam is saying all the right things, but of course only time will tell whether the Browns are in for a bright new future or more of the same old, same old.

Now, one thing is for sure, Jimmy Haslam is a dynamic personality who promises hands -on management.  He is no Randy Lerner who was content for years to hide out elsewhere while a succession of coaches and GM's took the fall for his football team's misfortunes.  Let's all cross our fingers.

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