Editorial: Transit Trouble

WOIO Editorial: Transit Trouble

(WOIO) - The RTA has been servicing Cleveland riders for 38 years.  And it's safe to say, it has never had a day like the one it had last week.

First, a 16-year old boy waltzed into an unsecured bus garage in the middle of the night, started up a bus and drove away.  Police finally caught him about five miles away.

Amazingly, we're learning now that RTA has security cameras but no overnight security guards at the garage.

Well, hours after the teen was arrested, a disturbing video showed up on youtube, a driver and a female passenger exchanging words on an RTA bus but soon, the driver stands up and delivers a punch worthy of a heavyweight champ.

The driver, who claims the passenger assaulted him first, is now suspended.  Well by every account, at least prior to this, the management of the RTA has shown itself to be pretty competent but these episodes are troubling---especially that swing-happy driver who ought to be fired.

Write and let me know what you think.  I'm Bill Applegate.

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