Doctors contacting patients after meningitis scare

Doctors contacting patients after meningitis scare

Local doctors contacting patients after a nationwide meningitis scare.

Akron Children's Hospital is just one of dozens of facilities across the state that purchased injectable meds from the "New England Compounding Center" -- the company linked to the national fungal meningitis outbreak that's already killed 19.

Several eye care and dermatology centers in our area are on that long list that includes 64 facilities.  Doctors are now contacting patients just to be safe.

Doctor William Schaffner from Vanderbilt University says,  "We'll have to notify many more patients across the country that they may have been exposed to a fungal infection."

Akron Children's Hospital officials tell us they bought the drug phenol from the company. In a statement they told 19 Action News.  " No adverse effects or infections from phenol have been reported.  A team of nurses has notified 26-patient families."

Akron Children's used the medicine to treat cerebral palsy patients.

Other injections by the company have been recalled here and around the country, after hundreds were infected with fungal meningitis.

At least 9 here in Ohio have been diagnosed with fungal meningitis.  All received tainted injections for back pain. None of those patients have died.

Doctor Schaffner says, "My fingers are crossed, but, I hope we've come to the end of the drug story.  We're still worried."

If you received a shot that's been added to the recall list your doctor will be calling you.

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