Crap Out!: Casino cheater punished

RAW: Horseshoe casino cheater caught on tape

The first man busted for cheating at Cleveland's new downtown casino has been sentenced to probation.

Russell Heidenreich had been busted in June for adding to a bet at a card table while a hand was in play. He called it an innocent mistake since he'd had too much to drink.

Thursday morning at a sentencing hearing, he apologized to the court and to the casino. Earlier, he had plead guilty to a felony gambling charge.

Defense attorney R. Paul Cushion told the court,  Heidenreich travels for his job and is a "Diamond Club" member at a few casinos, a sign he's honest and just made a mistake here.

Judge Joseph Russo gave Heidenreich probation, and he had to pay a $1000 fine.

Oddly, Heidenreich had been winning big at the time of his arrest. The casino gave him back $32,500 he had won earlier on that day.

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