RTA files disorderly conduct charges against passenger in bus driver beatdown

RAW: RTA bus driver beatdown

The RTA has filed disorderly conduct charges against the female passenger involved in a physical altercation with a bus driver.

The caught on tape incident happened on September 18 on Route #5 in Beachwood.

The video shows the passenger Shidea N. Lane egging driver Artis Hughes on - calling him and his family names and spitting on him.

Hughes, who has been with the RTA for 22-years, then hit the 25-year-old woman with an uppercut.

The RTA says misconduct on public transportation is a crime and is working with unions to strengthen rules to protect employees and customers against misconduct, as well as to increase penalties.

Hughes continues to be suspended without pay as the investigation into the incident continues.

The head of the bus drivers union is defending Hughes and is hoping to save his job.

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