Cuyahoga County Prosecutor goes after deadbeat dads

Cuyahoga County Prosecutor goes after deadbeat dads

Five Cuyahoga County fathers are facing fifth degree felony charges and a year in prison for failing to pay child support.

"I think it's great.  Children deserve money from both parents to take care of them.  Moms are struggling," said one Cleveland mom.

42-year old Darren Oze owes $34,000 for his children.  The last payment he made on one of the cases, just $20.

37-year old Fred Eaddie owes $30,000 for his teenagers.  The last voluntary payment he made, $25, was nearly a year ago.

30-year old David Soto recently made a $120 payment, but he still owes his kids $22,000.

By now, 45-year old Keavin Rogers should have made $11,000 more in child support payments for his 14 year old.

And 43-year old Richard Spencer owes the mother of his 13 year old more than $6,000.  Not one payment has been made in that case.

We went knocking on all their doors, but no one was around to talk about why they're not around for their kids either.

A Cleveland single mother, who's also owed child support, says absent fathers need to pay up.

"I struggle to work, go to school, take care of my kids. It's hard. We need help," she said.

The Child Support Enforcement Unit is setup to make sure parents take care of their financial responsibilities as early as possible.

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