Boy Scouts abuse cases in NE Ohio area

Boy Scouts abuse cases in NE Ohio area

The controversial documents known as the "perversion files" by the Boy Scouts of America were released Thursday for public inspection by a Portland attorney. The files have been uploaded to the Oregon law firms website.

All total, there were 1200 files for the entire nation.

Of those, 19 Action News found  24 cases in the Cleveland area.

In most cases, it looks like everything was handled correctly.

But not all, and there are now some serious questions for officials here.

The files were all released through the Oregon Attorney's website responsible for getting the Boy Scouts of America to turn them over.

But the demand clogged and shut down the website.

19 Action News found an alternative way into the files.

That began the process of printing the 24 files involving cases in the Cleveland area.

Most were open and shut.  Someone arrested and charged for sexually assaulting boys and the Boy Scouts banned them through these files.

But then we found a 1965 case, involving a man listed as a skipper on Ship 31 in Cleveland.  Three boys wrote statements relating to immoral acts as the hands of the skipper.  The man even admits to them and resigns.

But that's it.  There is no mention of getting authorities involved and the letters from the boys are missing.

Here's another case in 1966.  A Burton science teacher is kicked out for teaching and assisting boys of Troop 61 in group masturbation.

He's removed, but again no charges.

The problem is the same man in 1984 is made Scoutmaster of Troop 24 in Rock Springs, Wyoming and simply put on probation.

Names are not being released because the men were never charged and convicted with crimes.

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