Pat Shurmur meets with the media two day before game with Colts

Pat Shurmur meets with the media two day before game with Colts
Pat Shurmur meets with the media two day before game with Colts

Berea (WOIO) - Browns head coach Pat Shurmur met with the media two days before the team's game with Indianapolis.  Here's what the coach had to say.

(Opening Statement)- "I'll head this off before you get around to asking it. Jason Pinkston, doctors determined, we found this week that he has a blood clot. He's going to miss this week's game. We'll determine through the week if it's going to be an extended period of time, but he won't play this week. That's why you haven't seen him. I'm sure somebody was going to ask me about that, so I'll just head that off right now. He's getting treatment and he won't be available this week."

(On if he's talked to Pinkston)- "Oh yeah. I've talked to him, he's doing fine. I intend to go see him here."

(On if Pinkston in the hospital)- "Yeah."

(On if the blood clot was why Pinkston wasn't feeling well on Sunday)- "I don't know why. That could have been part of it."

(On when Pinkston was hospitalized)- "This week."

(On if Pinkston will have to have a procedure)- "We'll just have to see. What I'll tell you is, he's being treated for a blood clot. He's going to miss this week. As we go through next week, we'll determine if he's going to miss an extended period of time."

(On if John Greco will be Pinkston's replacement)- "Greco will play for him. Then next man up, so then we'll have (Oniel) Cousins and (Ryan) Miller available."

(On how Pinkston has been playing this year)- "Jason's been doing a good job. He's been battling and this is one of those things that happen, and you're just hopeful that he can come back from it."

(On what Greco brings to the offensive line)- "As a backup, he's been a guy that can play center, guard as well as tackle. In this case he's going to play guard."

(On if he is still confident that Trent Richardson will be able to play Sunday)- "He practiced throughout today. He practiced all the way through practice. Yeah, I think he'll be there."

(On if pain is the biggest hurdle for Richardson)- "I think when he gets in there and gets rolling, a lot of things that tend to hurt until the adrenaline flows kind of go away. He's cleared to play and my assumption is that he'll be there Sunday."

(On if Mohamed Massaquoi and Travis Benjamin returning is the same situation as Joe Haden returning in regards to who else will play at the position)- "It's a little different situation. You have to play a specific number of defensive backs depending on what the defense puts in the field. Those positions are a little bit more defined. On offense, you can move guys around. You can play two tight ends, three tight ends. It's a little different scenario there, but it's safe to say we've had a different lineup at receiver pretty much every week. We'll just try to use the guys that are out there and available, try to get them the football and give them a chance to make plays."

(On if Joe Haden is healthier this week because Dick Jauron said he was gassed last week)- "It had nothing to do with health. Maybe it was just getting back in more tip top playing shape. I think that's fair to say."

(On if they factor in that the Colts have been playing better at home)- "We factor in when we go on the road to play that most teams play a little bit better at home. We're aware of the fact that they play well at home. They're a strong opponent regardless of where we play them. I think when you're a team that plays on the road, you've got to develop the mentality that you'll play wherever and whenever, and do what you have to do to get a victory."

(On if Brandon Weeden was ranked right in the mix with Andrew Luck, Robert Griffin III and Ryan Tannehill)- "Yeah, we obviously liked Brandon a great deal and that's why we picked him. I think you can ask a bunch of different people and they'll give you different answers to how it was ranked. We're glad we have Brandon."

(On if Pinkston is at a nearby hospital)- "Yeah, he's in the hospital. He's here in town."

(On if he saw Pinkston improve with having an offseason this year)- "I think it helped his play. I think anytime you do things in the offseason to get your body in better condition, more powerful and then of course stronger, I think it helps you play our sport."

(On if they factor in that the Colts struggled against last week but also that they may have spent all week trying to improve it)- "Yeah, you factor that in when you play an opponent, what they're good at. I think teams across the board can stop the run on an individual one game basis extremely well. Then there're teams that if they're going to play you to throw the football, then they'll try to defend you. Those statistics from week-to-week, you don't put too much into. When you play a team it's a one-game basis. We've got to go in there and try to do what we think is best running and throwing, and try to out execute the opponent."

(On if he anticipates the Colts will put Reggie Wayne in the slot more to avoid Joe Haden)- "I think they'll put Reggie everywhere. I think you're seeing him play, especially this season, more than the traditional spots he played all those years with Peyton (Manning). You'll find him inside. You'll find him outside. They move him around because they're trying to get him the football. I don't know if it will be to avoid the Joe Haden matchup, but I think we'll see a lot of the same things we've seen for the first few weeks."

(On if he said Pinkston's blood clot was in his chest)- "I said blood clot."

(On if it's in Pinkston's chest)- "He's just got a blood clot. Let's just leave it at that. I appreciate you guys trying to get all the information you can, but let's just leave it at that."

(On if he's excited to see how Weeden matches up with Andrew Luck)- "No, I think what you want to see is, I want our quarterback to lead us to victory. Unless there is something goofy that happens, I don't foresee a situation where they're going to be on the field together. I think it's just natural to compare performance by the sheer numbers, that's going to be natural. I think what's important is we do what we have to do to put a bunch of good plays together, and go in there and try to get a victory. I'm sure they're going to approach it the same way."

(On Greg Little made it through practice okay)- "Greg looked good, yeah."

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