NHL cancels games through November 1

NHL cancels games through November 1
NHL cancels games through November 1

In a move that was expected following Thursday's CBA meeting in Toronto, the NHL announced Friday it has canceled regular-season games through Nov. 1.

The league had previously canceled the first two weeks of the regular-season schedule, and the latest games to hit the chopping block brings total missed to 135.

It's still possible these games could be rescheduled if a deal can be finalized over the next week.

The owners and players exchanged proposals over the past week with the NHLPA presenting the league three separate offers Thursday. Commissioner Gary Bettman said the proposals from the players represented a step backward and that he was thoroughly disappointed with the lack of progress.

He also said it seems like the two sides are still speaking different languages.

After making a proposal of its own on Tuesday the NHL said it was hopeful to start a full 82-game schedule Nov. 2, and that any delay past Oct. 25 would result in the cancellation of signature events on the NHL schedule. Those events could include, but not be limited to, the Winter Classic in Ann Arbor, Mich., and the NHL All-Star game in Columbus.

The fact the league didn't cancel games beyond the first of the month at this point still leaves open the possibility that a full season can be salvaged. The league said an 82-game schedule starting Nov. 2 would require teams to play an extra game every five weeks

Originally posted by Adam Gretz on CBSSports.com