BAY VILLAGE: Indecent exposure report possibly related to other incidents

BAY VILLAGE: Indecent exposure report possibly related to other incidents

BAY VILLAGE, OH (WOIO) - Bay Village Police had another report of an indecent exposure on Thursday night.

This incident happened around 6:20pm on Lincoln Road near Debbington Drive.

Police say two teenage girls were walking a dog when a male pulled up near them in a black four door sedan in good condition. They described the vehicle as similar to a Ford Focus.

The male made a sexual comment and the girls believed the male was masturbating in the vehicle. The man never exited the car nor did he try to entice the girls into the car, but he immediately drove away.

The girls described the driver as a white male, approximately 30 to 35 years of age, with shaggy dark short hair, a pale com complexion, "chubby' face, and a "little overweight".

These physical descriptions are similar enough that they may be related to previous incidents of indecent exposure that Bay Village has experienced since April of 2012.

Bay Village Police has been working closely with the schools to get personal safety information to the students and children, Additionally, Bay Village Police has increased patrols throughout the city during specific hours. All investigative leads are being pursued to identify and arrest the person(s) involved in these incidents.

Police ask that parents reinforce with their children basic personal safety measures, including:

• Always traveling with at least one other friend

• Tell parents where you are going and call them when you get to your location

• Be aware of your surroundings

• Never approach a car you are not familiar with

• Avoid strangers and if approached, loudly and clearly tell them you don't know them and seek trusted adult help

• Know where you can safely go on your route home if you become suspicious or afraid.

• Contact the police immediately by cell phone if you see something suspicious

• If it can be done safely, get a license plate number or cell phone picture of a suspicious vehicle

• Tell your parents about any unusual behavior or circumstances you observe

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