43 Forum: What's next for Cuyahoga County Government

43 Forum: What's next for Cuyahoga County Government

County executive Ed Fitzgerald and I talked about what's going on these days in county government.

He informed us that the county is moving from reserve square to a county owned building on kinsman by the end of August.

He stated the county has a lot of underutilized buildings and that the county is also selling 13-buildings, including the Ameri-Trust building downtown.

We discussed his thoughts in the wake of former county commissioner Jimmy Dimora's conviction and his 28-year sentence.

We also talked about the recent decision by Secretary of State John Husted regarding early voting and voter ids in order for Ohioans to cast their votes.

We discussed summer jobs provided to teens by the county and the 100-million dollar fund the county has to stimulate business and provide for a rainy day.

We talked about education and his thinking about consolidating services among the county's cities and townships and the likelihood that may happen.

We also talked about what the county is doing to create jobs and to make sure minorities get to participate in that process.

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