New Browns owner Jimmy Haslam shows frustration

New Browns owner Jimmy Haslam shows frustration

You just bought the Browns for a billion bucks, your rookie receiver just dropped a potential game winning touchdown, your reaction - priceless.

At the moment Josh Gordon dropped a 4th quarter, perfect strike from Brandon Weeden, Browns owner Jimmy Haslam realized how we've been feeling since 1999. Haslam jumped up and flung his right arm forward in frustration, and Browns fans, even though it was another loss, found another reason to be glad Haslam bought the team.

Browns fans told Reporter Brian Duffy they had no problem with Haslam's reaction, "He's just like anyone else, he's into the team, so he wasn't happy. I think that we all had that reaction," said one fan.

Another said, "It's nice to see an owner with some passion. I don't know if it makes a difference, ultimately, but it feels like he's on our side."

Then again, another fan wasn't so sure, "I don't mind it, it shows that he cares. But at the same time, it was an accident so why get so frustrated."

Haslam was not done showing his disgust, his body language said he wasn't at all happy when Browns coach Pat Shurmur, on the next play after the drop, decided to punt on 4th and one.

Haslam will be in the owners box at Cleveland Browns Stadium against the Chargers next Sunday and you better believe fans will be watching to see how he reacts.

A billionaire owner sharing your pain, that's a start.

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