Pat Shurmur transcript from Monday media session

Pat Shurmur transcript from Monday media session
Pat Shurmur transcript from Monday media session

Berea (WOIO) - Browns head coach Pat Shurmur met with the media on Monday, one day after the Browns 17-13 loss to Indianapolis.  Here's what the coach had to say.

(Opening Statement) – "I'll go back to what I said last night. Against the Bengals, we made enough plays to win as a team. Yesterday, of course, we didn't' make enough plays across the board and things happened to us that we did to ourselves. It was a team loss, like a week ago it was a team victory. I don't think it points to any trends. I think we're back to work. The players were great today in the meetings. They're finishing up the corrections from the tape, and then we're moving on to the Chargers. That's where it is. That's what it is. We're moving forward. I think that's the mindset and get ready play the Chargers."

(On if Josh Gordon's drop factored into the fourth and one punt call) – "Nope. I'd do that again. I think it worked out. I had two timeouts after we decided to punt the football. We kicked it to them and it was better than six minutes left. At the end of the day, we had a first down with over three minutes left on the other side of the field. (It was) basically in the same spot we punted from, give or take a yard, with a chance to win the game and we didn't. So no, that had nothing to do with it."

(On being aggressive on the other three downs and 'conservative' on fourth down) – "I think each decision plays off the other. I felt like at that point, there was a lot of game left. There was over six minutes to play and on defense we were doing a better job of getting them stopped. We just made the decision to punt it there. It worked out. We had the ball, first down, as I mentioned, at the 45-yard line, with three minutes and 19 seconds. We had a chance to score and we didn't get it done there."

(On if they wanted Reggie Hodge's punt to go out of bounds) – "We wanted to kick the ball out of bounds of course."

(On if he would have liked to see the ball in the five or ten) – "Yeah. I instructed him to kick the ball out of bounds. I did not want a return to affect the game. That's it."

(On Bruce Arians calling a timeout with one second left at the end of the first half and if going for a Hail Mary was not his first thought) – "Initially it was, but here's why we didn't. You saw we got five yards. We got five yards and then we went for the Hail Mary. It's still very difficult to throw the ball in the end zone from that point."

(On if it was a scenario where nothing bad can happen) – "Maybe, but my point was, number one, I was surprised they didn't call the time out initially. That's why we ran the football, they had one timeout. When it got to one second, we talked about it, but we were on the 41-yard line. Then, when they gave us five yards, because they had an extra guy on the field, then we were much closer. It's hard sometimes to throw the ball from that point. We can argue it, but at the end of the day, we had an opportunity for a Hail Mary there, which we did."

(On if they will consider sitting Trent Richardson out until he is 100%) – "We're going get him ready to play each week. Then we'll make those decisions as we get to game time whether he's going to go or not. Again, I'm not trying to take away from it, but that was the thought process. I want to go back on this. We had made an attempt to go two-minute to move the ball down the field. We got to a third down situation, where they have one time out. I wanted to run the football to make sure the clock was running to see what they did. I was a little surprised. I thought they would blow the timeout. They didn't. They took it down to one second. We did not want to punt it there, and we felt like we were a little far out in order to do the rebound pass. That's why we did it. With five more yards, you see, he still did not get the ball in the end zone."

(On hoping for an interference and the five yards not mattering in that situation) – "In my mind at that point it did, okay?"

(On the run offense overall) – "Sure, we need to be better. I think rushing yards as a team is a team thing, just like stopping the run is a team thing. Just like preventing sacks is a team thing. Just like getting a bunch of completions is a team thing. There's a combination of things that need to get better there."

(On how do you correct the problems associated with the run offense) – "I think we can be an effective team running the football. We need to do a better job of doing it. That's it. Call better plays, block better, run better, that's it. I wish I could give you some theorem that makes it happen that way, but we just need to do it."

(On if he's confident they'll be able to improve on running the ball) – "I'm confident we'll get it done this week, yeah. Sure, absolutely."

(On if it would have made a difference if they would have run the ball more in the second half) – "We ran the ball and had some success running the ball at times. I felt like we did what we had to do to win the game."

(On how long it took him to realize Richardson wasn't running the way he does when he's healthy) – "Trent's a warrior and Trent wanted to play that whole game. He was constantly trying to convince me to keep him in there. I've got to evaluate it the way I see it. There were some things happening out there, where we weren't having efficiency running the football, that were not fault of Trent's. I'm watching the game, I'm watching the player. We try to make decisions based on what's best and he's a warrior. He's going to be a great player around here for a very long time. He wanted to be in the game. I think that's important for everybody to know. When I look at it, I want to make sure that we consider him, his health and everything as we move forward."

(On when Richardson bounces outside and didn't try to cut in and score is when he knew he needed to be taken out) – "There wasn't one thing. I'm just watching him play. Again, as I mentioned, there were some things happening in the run game and some of what I saw in the passing game that were inefficient that were not Trent's fault."

(On if Richardson missing the preseason has had an impact on his playing) – "No, I wouldn't point to any trends right now. We're going to do what we have to do to win the game, running and throwing."

(On if he used Montario Hardesty and Chris Ogbonnaya enough yesterday) – "I think so. The player that we had up for Brandon Jackson was Travis Benjamin, who had production in the passing game. Yeah, I wouldn't change how we did that."

(On if yesterday was one of Greg Little's best games) – "You all will be the judge of all that after snap stuff. I've asked them not to do that. I just think it's important that you let your play show between the whistles. I've always felt that. I'm glad that he had success yesterday. I don't know if one points to the other. I've seen him working extremely hard. He had the flu last week. He was less than 100 percent physically all the way up to the night before the game and he went out and competed well. That's part of the process of being a pro too, playing either with injury or illness or whatever. He battled through it and had success, so maybe he'll learn from that."

(On if there's a light coming on with Little) – "With Greg? He's one year further ahead in his development. He's played a lot of football. If you're a first, second year guy, there's still a lot to learn. I'm watching Greg take his work seriously. I'm watching him listen to what we're inspiring him to do. I'm glad he had success."

(On if the botched snap on the extra point had a ripple affect the rest of the game) – "No, there was no ripple. We put those teams all out there, and we're confident that everything gets executed properly."

(On if he's given thought to resting Richardson through the Bye Week) – "I'm going to watch him. That's a good question. That's a good follow-up of course. You just watch him practice; see where he's at physically. If he's ready to play he'll play. If we see that this is bothering him to the point where he can't perform, then we'll make those decisions as we go. I just really want to make the point though that there was a lot going on out there. It wasn't just Trent. Let's just make that clear."

(On the personal battle as a coach with controversial decisions) – "You make choices. I think that's important. You do things that you think is right based on what you know; the game, the situation, how the game is going, all those types of decisions. You make them and you move on. We botched a snap, but that had nothing to do with whether or not we were going to kick a field goal. You just keep moving on. Hey, I trust every player we put out there to do the job they're supposed to do. We make decisions to try to help them have as much success as possible."

(On not going for two after the second touchdown) – "It was too early in my opinion."

(On if he saw Jimmy Haslam after the game yesterday) – "No, I didn't. I didn't see him. We texted today."

(On if Haslam said anything about Gordon's drop or not going for it on fourth and one) – "No, I haven't talked to him about that. I haven't watched the T.V. copy, so at this point it wouldn't be right for me to comment on it. Games are emotional. We all have an attachment to a team and a game. I try to keep my emotions in check."

(On the significance for Richardson missing all of training camp) – "I think it's difficult when you miss time in critical points of the year. Yeah, but I don't know if you'd underestimate it or not. He's out there playing and that's what's important."

(On if there a turning point of the game that everyone else missed) – "I thought early on in the game, they were moving the ball pretty efficiently. It was kind of an odd game. We had three possessions in the first half, as did they. You're looking at long drives. That was significant. Both offenses were inching it up and down the field. In the second half, I felt like we kind of did a better job on defense of getting them off the field. They obviously got a field goal on us. I think it changed a little bit there. We didn't score enough points to win. I talk all the time about points. I don't know if there's any one play that's significant. We had our chances and we didn't get it done."

(On Josh Cooper) – "He had production yesterday and I think he's getting better like all the young receivers. Brandon's very confident throwing him the football. For the most part he's made plays."

(On the special teams holding calls) – "I'm going to try to get clarification. There are a few things on the game I'll try to get clarification on, which we do every week, of course for internal use only."

(On if he's considering a new punter or if they are happy with Hodges) – "We're going to work with the guys that are here, as long as they're our guys."

(On if Scott Fujita's made a decision on the season) – "I don't know at this point if we can make anything official. We'll just see. There could be a move, we'll see."

(On what went right for the running game in Cincinnati and why has the running game not worked in other games) – "We've had points during the season where we've run the ball efficiently and then there has been other times during games when we haven't. I think they kind of committed to stopping the run yesterday, which I thought they might do because they had a tough time stopping the run the week previous. You just kind of work on doing other things and then I thought for the most part we were pretty efficient throwing the ball."

(On if he envisioned a more balanced offensive split between running the ball and passing) – "I think you do what you have to do each week to win the game. I think anything you do running or passing you want to be efficient doing it and then when you get within the game you need to stick to the plan and unless the score gets twisted in some way. You take advantage of the players you have and try to do the things you can to move the football."

(On how John Greco looked yesterday) – "He stood in and did okay."

(On how much he has to save a young player like Richardson from himself) – "We have to trust what we know about the player and then we have to trust what we see. I know Trent's a guy that wants to be in there and he's a competitor and I think that's important. We also have to just see what we're seeing on the field and know how he's feeling based on the communication we have and make a decision based on that."

(On if there was a negative effect from not having Jason Pinkston in the lineup) – "No, I thought John (Greco) stepped in and did okay. Anytime you remove a piece though, there's a little bit of getting used to."

(On if Gordon's dropped touchdown is emblematic of where this team is at) – "I think when you're fighting for inches fighting for victories, its important you make every play. There was a lot that went on in the game and of course we're all focusing on a handful of things. If one or two of that handful of things go the way we all would like them to then the outcomes are different, but that's the same in every game. Every game you watched played yesterday involved a handful of things that could have determined the outcome for either team. So that's real."

(On what he thought of Brandon Weeden's performance after looking at it on tape) – "I can say once again he got better."

(On what Weeden got better at this past game) – "Playing quarterback in the NFL. I saw him make some good throws. There was a couple of throws where he had a guy in his face and he got rid of the football. I think he didn't take any sacks and a lot of that has to do with the quarterback getting the ball out. There were times where they got a little bit of heat on us, but it's a credit to him. I felt like he got through his progressions a little smoother and like everybody on our team, he's got to find a way to make one more play."

(On how Gordon handled the drop and if he said anything to him after the play) – "Yeah, I talked to him and he's a full-grown man. He understands what's going on and he's hard on himself. I think that tells me that (he's) got a chance to improve and we've seen great improvement from him. I expect that he'll get better next week."

(On if the play where Richardson was stopped on third-and-one indicated that he could have been hurt more) – "It wasn't any one play."

(On Gordon putting the blame on himself after the game and if that signifies his maturity) – "No, I concern myself with all the players. It pleases me to know, just like I stand here and take responsibility when things don't go right; it pleases me to know that they're men enough to say, 'Listen, I screwed that up.' That to me is the first part of the learning process. Being able to then find a solution and you work on getting better and you emphasize things, knowing that they're not willing to deflect things. No excuses, next guy in the game make a play and let's go."

(On why there are not a lot of trades around the trade deadline in the NFL) – "You're right I am the wrong guy to ask. I don't know. It's hard to say, but there just aren't a lot of trades. It's a good question and that is for a GM or President for sure."

(On Phil Taylor) – "Phil will be out there practicing this week."

(On if he took Richardson out specifically because of his rib injury) – "No, we were watching him play and I'm concerned about Trent. That's why."

(On what he thinks Weeden's best attributes are seven weeks through the season) – "I think he's an accurate passer. I think he has the skill and ability to make all the throws and I see him getting better each week within our system."

(On if Alex Smith was inactive yesterday due to injury) – "No, he was a healthy scratch."

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