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Teen suspect in Craigslist murder plot feared he'd be killed if he went to police

Brogan Rafferty Brogan Rafferty

The teenage suspect in the Craigslist murder trial took the stand in his own defense on Tuesday.

Brogan Rafferty faces multiple charges, including four counts of murder.

Rafferty and 52-year-old Richard Beasley are accused of luring men to a remote farm in Noble County through a Craigslist ad that promised work.

Three men were killed, a fourth man was shot, but survived.

In a calm, clear voice, Rafferty described for jurors how he had no idea Beasley planned to kill men he lured to the Southern Ohio location.

After the first shooting, Beasley had Rafferty dig a grave. Waving a knife at Rafferty, he threatened to kill his mother and sister if he told anyone. The scenario repeated itself in attacks on three other men.

Rafferty said he didn't go to police because he had seen Beasley kill, and felt he'd be next.

Rafferty said Bealsey's motive was identity theft. Beasley was wanted by police, and wanted to assume the identities of his murder victims.

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