Good news for Ohio school districts

Good news for Ohio school districts

NORTHEAST OHIO (WOIO) - The State Auditor is back taking a whack at School Districts and how they keep track of their kids.  This comes on the heels of Ohio Auditor Dave Yost's scathing report earlier this month attacking the way the Cleveland Metropolitan School District keeps it's attendance records.

In the first half of his attendance report Yost said Cleveland Metro along with four other school districts had a high risk of scrubbing, manipulating data to improve their standing on state report cards.

Cleveland Metro Officials deny the charge.  Both sides agreed Cleveland Metro needs to improve their policies on keeping documented attendance records.  Today Yost handed out the second part of his initial attendance report and looked at 47 other School Districts including Euclid and Akron City Schools.

He said "I am surprised and pleased to report to you of the school buildings... the Districts we looked at in this 2nd phase we found no School Districts, no school buildings... I should say with any evidence of scrubbing."

The final report should be out early next year and the total cost to taxpayers will be around $450,000.

To view the report, click here.

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