Editorial: Scouts Dishonor

WOIO Editorial: Scouts Dishonor

(WOIO) - "Scouts Honor" is more than a catch-phrase.  They're two words that symbolize what it means to be a boy scout.

Now comes word that, for decades, over a thousand scout leaders -- including some here in northeast Ohio, were a great deal less than honorable and may have sexually abused young boys they were supposed to be mentoring.

Even more troubling, Boy Scouts of America officials kept this dirty little secret to themselves.  In most cases, not even the police were notified.

The Boy Scouts claim they've now fixed the situation including requiring security checks on all scout leaders.

Let's hope so.  The boy scouts is an important American institution and millions of boys have benefited from their experiences as scouts.  We can't allow those more interested in perversion to destroy that legacy.

Write and let me know what you think.  I'm Bill Applegate.  

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