October, full of warm Halloween weather

October, full of warm Halloween weather

It's late October and temps are near 80 degrees.  The Metroparks are buzzing with bikers, joggers and even fisherman basking in the sun.  Bernice Cernoch loves it, "The weather is perfect you couldn't ask for anything better than this."

But brace yourself the temps are expected to take a big dip.  We're talking in the mid-40's in the coming days.  So will the roller coaster weather cause you to be "under the weather?"

Cernoch says, "I would say you get a little bit of a cold if you're not dressed right, or you spend too much time in the cold."

Turns out that's a big myth.  Doctor Justin Smith runs the Urgent Care in Rocky River, on average he sees about 40 patients a day.  He tells us temperatures going up and down don't make you sick.  "All the sudden now you're starting to deal with colder weather.  You're closing up the windows.  The bacteria has nowhere to go.  It just sort of sits in there and moves around," said Dr. Justin Smith.

He says that's when the germs get you sick.  "When the weather gets colder people have a tendency to shutter up.  The tendency is a spike when the weather gets colder and certain types of illnesses," said Dr. Justin Smith.

But one things for sure you won't get sick of these sunny days.

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