Jury deliberating in the Craigslist murder trial

Jury deliberating in the Craigslist murder trial

AKRON, OH (WOIO) - The jury started deliberating Thursday afternoon in the Craigslist murder trial after the closing arguments were heard Thursday morning.

Teen suspect Brogan Rafferty faces multiple charges, including four counts of murder.

Rafferty and 52-year-old Richard Beasley are accused of luring men to a remote farm in Noble County through a Craigslist ad that promised work.

Three men were killed, a fourth man was shot, but survived.

Rafferty took the stand in his own defense earlier this week. Rafferty claims when Beasley asked him to go with him to Noble County, he suspected nothing, that it was truly to hire a man for a farm job.

Rafferty would dig the hole for all three victims weeks apart and claims in doing so, he thought the next would always be his grave.

In testimony, Rafferty says the ride back to Akron after the first murder, included the first threat.  "One of the things he still had was the big kitchen knife and he was sort of pointing it at me and he said I know where your sister are, I know where your mom is you don't tell this to anybody," said Rafferty on the witness stand.

Beasley remains behind bars until his trial begins later this year.

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