Midpark VS. Berea: Football feud diffused after final game

Midpark VS. Berea: Football feud diffused after final game

BEREA, OH (WOIO) - A final game for long time rivals.

It could have been your typical Friday night football game, but the competition on the gridiron had a bigger story.  Ed Detullio says, " It's very intense.  It is as intense as anything I've ever seen."  He's been coming to see Midpark and Berea play against each other for 25 years.

The two high school football teams have been rivals for at least 50 years, the Meteors and Braves met for their final game against each other at Baldwin Wallace University Friday night.  Berea High graduate Jeffrey Zabor says, "I'm very nostalgic.  I had three kids that graduated from high school here in addition and it's sad to see the era over."

Next year, the two schools are merging into one.  Their new name will be Berea-Midpark High School. It will house grades 10th through 12th.

District officials say declining enrollment and financial issues forced them to downsize.  Midpark graduate Hank Telep says, " There's just not enough money to go around so they have to do something to get the kids educated with the dollars they have."

So what once were enemies battling it out neck and neck.  Will soon be joining forces hand and hand, teammates playing with each other after decades of being rivals.  Telep says though it's the end it's the beginning of something bigger.  "I think it's going to be better that they are going to be together because there will be a stronger sports program totally."

Midpark won 63 - 0.  The new school's mascot will be the Titans wearing orange and blue.

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