2012 Grassroots campaigners remain focused on Ohio

2012 Grassroots campaigners remain focused on Ohio

When the race gets tight, the tough on both sides get multi-tasking.

Mike Brunstedt decided there's no place like his home on W. 110TH Street in Cleveland to set up Obama camp.

Grassroots canvassers like Chris Varano, were in and out of there all day Saturday.

"We've got volunteers all over the place", said Varano.  "We do need to get people to vote early."

The push is now on to keep Clevelanders casting their early votes at the board of elections before Nov. 6th, encouraging early voting right up until the 5th.

"People aren't aware when they vote, their names drop off the call lists", said Obama volunteer Paula Furst.  "We're gonna stop bugging them once they get out there and vote."

Varano told 19 Action News reporter Dawn Kendrick, "We do need to win this election.  Obama is important for Cleveland because he's working for working class families."

At the Mitt Romney headquarters in Fairview Park, John Veldhuizen countered, saying "For my boys and grandchildren I don't want to leave that legacy! Absolutely not!"

The Romney campaign has a secret weapon in Veldhuizen. He is a man on a mission for Mitt.

"I believe I've made 22,000 calls.  I started in mid June", said Veldhuizen.

"I have been an independent voter. I've even voted for democrats, but I've never been so sure in my life on my vote for Mitt Romney"

Paula Furst is voting for Obama without a second thought.  She's pounding the pavement for the president with only one more Saturday left before the election.

"It's so important especially with the weather looking bad next week.  We want to make sure everyone who's able to vote is going to do so," said Furst.

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