Some Prepare for Sandy - Some in Denial?

Some Prepare for Sandy - Some in Denial?

NORTHEAST OHIO (WOIO) - A surfer rides the waves right into shore at Edgewater Park in Cleveland.  Lake Erie looks fierce like an ocean, and hurricane Sandy hasn't even hit yet.

"We're just going to stay home - hope that the TV stays on, calling my sister.  She lives in North Carolina - hoping it doesn't hit her," said Jennifer Schrecengost of Cleveland.

A few miles away some were stocking up on groceries to prepare for the first hurricane to hit the Cleveland area in as long as anyone can remember.

"We're going to buy milk, crackers, meat, bread - stuff like that," said Genobeba Flores of Cleveland.

A little further down the road - a Home Depot that's been flooded with those concerned about losing power.  The manager said they sold out of generators yesterday.

But even as people living along the coast were evacuated, some here were completely in the dark about Sandy.

"I really am not doing anything truthfully," said Nicole Kassay as she laughed.

"I didn't know about the storm," added Charna McCarver.

Despite the warnings to be prepared for a storm with winds as high as seventy miles an hour here, so many said they weren't doing anything to get ready.

"I think all of the news reports have been overblown. It's just going to be a typical storm we get all the time, right?" said Tony Bruzas.

"Are you getting ready for the storm they say is coming?" this reporter asked.  "Nope. Doing nothing, just going about my regular business," said Jason Lehoe of Cleveland.

But this hurricane with a sweet sounding name is predicted to be anything but - even if people here say they don't believe it.

"I don't think so.  God is going to save us. It is going to be good. I don't think so," said Genobeba Flores with a smile.

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