Hurricane Sandy forces some NFL teams to call an audible

Hurricane Sandy forces some NFL teams to call an audible
Hurricane Sandy forces some NFL teams to call an audible

First of all: EoF sends our thoughts and prayers to all those in the path of Hurricane Sandy. And NFL teams not being able to work ranks low on the scale of what's important when it comes to hurricane-related news. But this is a football blog, and we've got a job to do, so let's break down what the weather's doing to various teams.

The Ravens, Giants, Jets, Eagles and Redskins, per the NFL Network, have told all players and team employees to stay away from work on Monday.

The Jets are on bye this week, and Rex Ryan gave the team Monday and Tuesday off from practice in advance of the impending weather. Also on bye are the Patriots, who, thankfully, made a safe return from London on Monday morning, fresh off their shellacking of the Rams.

Another Patriots touchdown! This time at Logan Airport.


Also traveling were the Giants, who sprinted away from their close-call victory over the Cowboys to the airport and squeaked into the New Jersey airport underneath the weather Sunday night.

We have landed back in NJ!


Teams aren't the only ones affected by the weather, either. Beat writers are scrambling to get home as well. Friend of the blog and Palm Beach Post beat writer Ben Volin needed Amtrak to get out of New York City and into Washington D.C., and with the weather bearing down on the nation's capital as well, he's now hoofing it down I-95 towards Raleigh.

New plan: Drive from DC to Raleigh, fly to Atlanta, fly to Ft Lauderdale. Adventure!


No word on whether he'll be stopping by the CBS Raleigh remote offices for adult beverages yet.

Numerous other beat writers are booking it back to New York through out-of-the-way channels, including, apparently, Arkansas in a car.

Teams in the path of Sandy are canceling charity events (the Redskins bailed on their Pediatric Halloween Party) and moving media sessions (Mike Shanahan is having a conference call at 3 p.m. ET instead of a press conference).

It's a dangerous time for many people on the East Coast and beyond, including football teams. Any precautions they need to take are certainly more than warranted, and we hope everyone stays safe.

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