On Monday it's a hit and miss day at Cleveland Hopkins International Airport.  Your flight may be on time or out right canceled thanks to Hurricane Sandy.

Almost 50 percent of flights have been delayed or taken off the board in Cleveland like the one on Sunday for these 15 Texas A&M University students.

They are now camping out inside the airport.

Texas A&M University student Per Johnson says "We just need clothes and stuff because all our bags went to Houston. We just got our carryon's and that's it."

Per Johnson and his ROTC squad left Louisville, Kentucky on Sunday.  The group missed their flight in Cleveland due to engine trouble by 2 minutes and now Frankenstorm took out their flight back to Houston.

Per Johnson says we sat on the plane for about an hour. They were having engine trouble. Finally get that fixed... we end up here in Cleveland an hour late barely missed out flight back to Houston so they put us in a hotel for night."

The Aggie's were in Kentucky for the ROTC Bold Leader Challenge at Fort Knox. A competition for college ROTC students. Two squads from Texas A&M were there. One got home to Houston on Sunday. Johnson and his 14 squad members did not.

Johnson hopes for another night in a hotel compliments of the airline and a flight home on Tuesday.