Overnight/Early Morning Damage from Sandy

Overnight/Early Morning Damage from Sandy

West Side of Cleveland - Sandy may be hitting the East Coast hard, but she's doing her fair share of damage here in the Midwest.

On Cleveland's west side, we found a tree down on a power line at West 49th and Tillman Ave.  That wire split, and was live/hot for several hours.  Tillman Ave. was blocked off by Cleveland POlice to keep residents safe.

In Lakewood, Clifton Blvd. is a mess. several trees and branches down on power lines and cars.  A large tree snapped in half on Ramona.

In Amherst, a gas pump at the North Lebbit Rd. BP Gas Station blew over from the high winds and burst into flames.  It was secured and there were no injuries.

Also in Amherst, on North Ridge Rd., a tree fell and took a wire down with it.

In Lorain, a tree took out the front porch of a home in the 400 block of Florida St.  And there was wind damage to the roof of St. Anthony's School on Erie St.