Stranded air travelers in Cleveland Starting to go home

Travelers are finally saying good bye to Cleveland after being stuck at Cleveland Hopkins Airport for almost three days in connection with Hurricane Sandy.

Natasha Jeansonne from Houston hopes to catch a flight today and says, "very frustrating especially when I drove from Rhode Island to get a flight out of Cleveland on Sunday."

On Monday, we met 15 Texas A&M University students who were trying to make it back to Texas since Sunday from Hopkins.

Their luggage made it but they got stuck and their last flight was just delayed this afternoon but they hope to catch a flight later today.

Yolanda Walker and her three-year-old grandson are still trying to make it to Dallas out of Cleveland after two days of trying to catch a flight.

"I was actually canceled out yesterday morning.  Again yesterday afternoon and I had to be bused over to a hotel," says Walker.

The two are set to fly out of Cleveland this afternoon.

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