Still in the dark

Tens of thousands still in the dark.

Annette dusek is still without power. She's lit candles and even built a fire.   The westlake resident says she's just trying to get through another night in the dark."I wasn't prepared. I don't have a game plan."

dusek says the last 24-hours have been pretty miserable.   She hasn't had a shower, and is sleeping on a mattress on the first floor of her westlake home with her two dogs.   "I'm thinking I'd like to have my power back (laughs) pretty quick. I'm not sure how people do it without it."

several people who were "powerless" like Shannon konold and his girls packed the westlake public library to seek refuge for several hours, because being home in the cold and dark isn't fun.   Konold says, "it's warm and we can see. We were told in Fairview park seven to ten days without power."

on the west side traffic lights were still out Tuesday evening, along with several roads are blocked.

Dusek is anxious to get back to normal, but, she says she's glad it wasn't worse.   " a little inconvenience isn't that bad."