Public Safety, Works and Utilities crews across Northeast Ohio are continuing their work to clear debris, downed trees, power lines and secure flooded areas and restore power, in addition to responding to emergencies.

The Department of Public Safety reports that its operations are at near-normal levels after responding to more than 3,000 calls for service in a 24-hour period. Police and Fire personnel are still guarding 23 locations in the city with active downed power lines. The Cleveland Kennels are without power.

Traffic: Route 2 has reopened fully. Traffic signals are coming back on line as power is restored. There are still key intersections in downtown Cleveland where signals are not functioning. Cleveland Police will continue to monitor these intersections and provide traffic control, particularly during rush hour.

Urban Forestry received more than 300 calls for service as a result of the storm. They report 21 streets currently blocked by downed trees/large limbs. Most of these are complicated by live power lines. The primary focus continues to be to clear the right-of-way and then shift to debris removal.

Cleveland Public Power reports approximately 1,000 scattered outages, 30 primary lines down on the west side and 15 primary lines down on the east side. The priority is to restore power to CPP customers, clear downed lines and then begin mutual aid with First Energy. First Energy is still reporting more than 40,000 Cleveland customers with out power.

Cleveland Water reports no issues with water delivery at this time. The Pleasant Valley Pump Station is still without power (First Energy). Water service is being maintained to its service area. Both the Harvard and Crowne facilities are being monitored as each has lost a single electrical feed. Both are currently functioning.

Water Pollution Control reports four pump stations without power. Street floods reported through Tuesday have been resolved, but flooding will continue to be a problem with continued rains. Big Creek at W. 150th and Milligan continues to be at flood stage.

Recreation Centers – 11 Recreation Centers are available and opened at 8 a.m. today. After school meals should resume today. Thurgood Marshall is being operated by the Red Cross as a shelter, with cots, blankets and food.

Cleveland Airports are returning to normal operations. Minor leaking at Hopkins is being addressed. Burke Lakefront Airport is seeking a Mayor's Emergency for major roof repairs