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Storm damage traps Cleveland residents

Cleveland's west side Cleveland's west side
Cleveland's west side Cleveland's west side

The Super Storm that ripped through Northeast Ohio has literally shut down Peony Street on the west side of Cleveland. 

Three massive trees toppled into the street and have blocked people from about 40 homes from being able to drive off the street. The trees ripped down the electric lines and those lines are live making for an extremely dangerous situation for anyone trying to walk down the street.

Ron Bennett lives on the street, a huge tree in front of his house fell and his front yard is surrounded by live wires, "I've been here two days, this happened about 9:30 p.m. Monday night. The tree came down and I've been stuck here ever since."

The gas line to the neighborhood was snapped in two. Some people have limited power, others none at all. No one wants to try and remove the trees because of the electric lines that are wrapped around them.  "I'm just trapped here that's all so I'll make the best of it until somebody comes out and does something," said Bennett. 

At one point a tree service worker showed up to take a look around but they can't do anything until the power company comes out and shuts down the electricity.  It certainly seems the people who live on Peony Street, in the city, are going to have to be very patient.

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