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Explosion survivor helps burn victims get back to living

A photo from his accident four years ago A photo from his accident four years ago

A Green Township man is giving back to burn victims four years after a near fatal explosion changed his life forever.

Tony Nuss was heading to work on an average weekday morning when his car exploded.

Investigators determined the explosion was caused by an acetylene tank Nuss left in his trunk overnight, he did not know it was leaking and ignited when he started his car.

Nuss lost his hearing and suffered from second and third degree burns on 20 percent of his body.

"I remember screaming," said Nuss. "I remember asking if I was going to be okay, that type of thing, the pain I just don't remember."

In the hospital for 36 days, Nuss was able to return to work in less than five months.

With the help of the program Survivors Offering Assistance in Recovery (SOAR), Nuss was able to deal with the physical and emotional scars from his accident.

He now volunteers his time with his wife, Mary Beth, to counsel and talk with burn victims and their families.

"There's people that you can talk to that will help you through that injury, help you introduce yourself to the world again after an injury," said Nuss.

Nuss asked FOX19 to release this statement after our interview:  "I would like to thank the Green Township Police and Fire Departments, Hamilton County Sheriff's Department, neighbors, family and friends, St. Jude Parish, Cincinnati Bell Telephone, CWA Local 4400 and all those I have not mentioned for your care and support you provided for myself and my family. The love we felt from you was incredible. We could not have gotten through it without you."

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