Mayor Frank Jackson's Editorial

WOIO Editorial: Mayor Frank Jackson

(WOIO) - As Mayor of Cleveland, I am urging you to vote for Issue 107, the first school operating levy in Cleveland in 16 years.  The vote on Issue 107 is the most important one for an entire generation of Cleveland children.

The money will fund significant improvements in Cleveland Public Schools as well as high-performing charter schools.  The average home owner will pay .63 cents a day.  For many seniors it will be a lot less because of the Homestead Exemption.

I know that many of our citizens' budgets are stretched.  But, I also know we care deeply about our children and about the future of the city of Cleveland.  We don't want to see more program cuts and hundreds of teachers and staffs laid off like we've seen over the last several years.

This plan, among other things, will provide smaller class sizes, higher graduation rate, high-quality teachers and fund after-school programs and sports.  We want excellent schools and we want our children to succeed.

I have worked with Superintendent Eric Gordon, the Cleveland teachers union, businesses, foundations, and others to put together a comprehensive and accountable plan that will lift up all of our children.  The plan holds us all accountable.  The levy expires in four years.  You get to decide in four years if we made real measurable progress in educating our children.  Give our children the future they deserve.  Vote for Issue 107.  It is the right plan, right now.

Thank you.

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