Powerless: Lake County still in the dark

Powerless: Lake County still in the dark

LAKE COUNTY, OH (WOIO) - As of Wednesday night, there are still 15,000 people without power in Lake County.

The flooding, rain and wind damage continues to wear on the people there.  The Chagrin River is flowing fast and high in Eastlake.  Nearby Trader Jacks has had an empty dining room for two days because of the power outage.

"Tuesdays we have a clam bake which we've been real busy for every week, so we lost that this week," said manager Chuck Callum.

"There's been some where we've sold about 200 clambakes," he said.

They salvaged a lot of their inventory because power came back on Wednesday afternoon and they could move prep back into the cooler in time.

In Mentor, where there are still a couple thousand without power, children trick or treated in the library.

The Browns, from Willowick, shared a simple meal at the Red Cross shelter Wednesday night. "We have been hanging out wherever we can during the day and just snuggling in bed, all of us," said Elizabeth Brown.

The family, already struggling, lost a fridge full of groceries in these days without electricity. "It's been tough. People say you take heat for granted, and you do," said Brown.

Some in Lake County have been told it may be Friday or even longer before they can turn the lights and the heat back on.

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