Local neighborhood still surrounded by flood waters

Local neighborhood still surrounded by flood waters

AVON, OH (WOIO) - Mike McDonough is like many people dealing with the wrath of the super storm.  His Avon neighborhood on Timberview Drive flooded and they are virtual prisoners in their homes.   "Then the water backs up to even where the storm sewers will fill up and that's what happens with the road, just fill up the road with water."

The creek in his backyard was ten times it's normal size.  "It gets pretty uncontrollable out there."  He says it's about 9 and a half-to-10 feet deep.

The water finally receded, but McDonough says it made for some anxious moments as he baby sat his sump pump for hours fearing his basement would take a direct hit.  "If the pump goes out you have no control of the water coming into the basement."

The Black River is no stranger to flooding but it's higher than usual.  Residents living nearby say it's the fastest they've seen it rise in years.  There are plenty of people still dealing with detours from road closures especially in the valley view area.

As for McDonough, he and his neighbors are no longer stranded.  He's says he's grateful he dodged a serious drenching.

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