Browns Wednesday: Weeden, Haden, Cribbs In The Locker Room

Browns Player Quotes (Weeden, Haden Cribbs,) 10-31-12

Brandon Weeden:

(On where the team is since the last time they played the Ravens)- "We've come a long ways. I watched the game last night on my iPad at home. Josh Gordon hadn't really come into his own. I was doing some uncharacteristic things, missed some throws. We had some drops. We're not making the same mistakes we were back then which is good. We've come a long way since then. That's encouraging. After watching it last night, it's very encouraging."

(On if he feels like they've grown up as a team)- "Yeah, that's just experience. Game reps are irreplaceable. When you're able to get out there and make mistakes in the heat of the battle, and you're able to see it on tape, it makes you grow up pretty quick."

(On the Ravens defense without Ray Lewis and Lardarius Webb)- "Ray's being doing it for so long. Emotionally, vocally, he's the leader of that defense. He kind of gets them lined up. The guy is unbelievable. They've got to be missing that as far as getting guys lined up and the leadership. Webb was a heck of a player. He was playing at a very, very high level. It's an unfortunate deal. You never want to see that happen to a guy. He was really, really good last time we played them. We've got to take advantage of it."

(On John Harbaugh saying that he is on the same level as the other quarterbacks in the division)- "You look at the guys across the league, Andy (Dalton) had a great year last year. Joe's (Flacco) playing at an extremely high level. Ben's (Roethlisberger) won a Super Bowl. I don't know if I'm there yet. I think he's giving me a little too much [credit]. We need to win some more games. I need to do some better things to help this team out. I think from a confidence standpoint, I feel like I'm making strides in the right direction. For him to say that, I do really appreciate it. That's saying a lot considering how good these other three quarterbacks are."

Joe Haden:

(On if the team has closed the gap in the division)- "We definitely feel like that. We feel like we were in the division [games], but we were just a couple plays off. Now that we've beat Cincinnati and we're coming off of this last week's win, we just feel like there's no reason why we can't keep these wins coming. They're a beatable team, they're really talented though not to put anything past them, but everybody in the division is beatable. We just feel like our team is on the verge of being at the top."

(On how potentially having Phil Taylor back from injury helps the secondary)- "He's a really good run stopper, obviously because he's huge. Just being able to put pressure on the quarterback and the rotation of such good defensive linemen with him, (Ahtyba) Rubin, (John) Hughes and Billy Winn, all those dudes being healthy and being able to go full steam when they're in there is just going to help out tremendously."

(On if there is a different feeling in the locker room this year even though their record is 2-6)- "The record is completely different than how we feel as a team. We know that our record could be so much better. A couple plays here, a couple plays there, but we're starting to make those. We feel like we're starting to make those and we're starting to get over the hump. We're starting to finally be a team that can go out and win consecutive games. Why not win three games in a row, four games in a row, just get on spurts and keep winning."

Joshua Cribbs:

(On if he loves playing divisional games)- "I do, it's great football in the AFC North, especially during this time of year. It's always a battle, powerful games. This is what football is all about, playing football during this time of year when the weathers bad, the field is bad, it really shows what you're made of. If you're going to succumb to the elements of the weather, it really shows it. It showed it last week playing a team from California. They're not used to these elements and we were able to take advantage of it. Now we're playing against a team who comes from the same elements, they know what it's like to play in cold weather. It's going to be a nitty-gritty football game."

(On if the gap between the top and bottom of the AFC North is smaller than ever)- "It is. You see us making great strides. For me personally, I can't wait to play against this team special teams-wise. Not because of the concussion, but mainly because they're ranked high in special teams. It's a challenge for our special teams. We have great special teams unit so this is a challenge for us."