Still in the Dark?: Tips for quicker re-connection

Still in the Dark?: Tips for quicker re-connection

On Fordham Parkway in Bay Village 19 Action News found an example as to what people can do to help the power crews and get their lights back on quicker.

At that home there is still a massive tree leaning on power lines, up-rooted from the front yard. The question is who's responsible?  Answer...the homeowner.

To make the process quicker, first you should call your power company and make sure the juice is off.  That number is 1-888-LIGHTSS.

In the case on Fordham we know the power is still on because we saw it smoking and sparking from time to time.

After the power is off -- get a tree removal service in, so that when repair crews do come around, the tree is out of the way.

If crews show up and your tree isn't gone they will cut around it just enough to get power restored.

If the tree is on the tree lawn, meaning right there by the curb, the power company is responsible for removing it.

Here's another big misconception.  Homeowners think that the power company is responsible for getting power to the meter on the side of your house.  That's not in fact the case.  The power company is only responsible for getting power to the top of the poll that extends out from your meter.  In another case on Fordham we found a pole on a home completely bent when a tree fell on wires and pulled it away from the house.  It's the homeowner's responsibility to get an electrician out here to make this repair.

We found out in this case the homeowner was going to wait for power crews.  She would have found out the hard way, they won't reconnect the power until she gets the meter pole fixed.

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